Book: Bioscope: Scenes from an Eventful Life – Ram Rahman

Bioscope: Scenes from an Eventful Life

By Ram Rahman

The photography of Ram Rahman can easily be said to fall predominantly into two categories: portraits and urban landscapes. Of the portraits, both posed and spontaneous, surely the more prominent are those of artists, socialites and politicians. This is not surprising as Ram was raised within a milieu where culture and politics mixed freely in the drawing rooms of New Delhi. In fact, the intersection of conversational hand gestures, floor cushions and glasses of Scotch is another of his most re-visited subjects. Yet it is the casually posed portraits of artist friends and acquaintances that prove Ram’s mettle, his adroit use of mise-en-scene to evoke the unique qualities of his subjects his forte. Ram’s camera has come to acknowledge a particular image of India’s cities, and particularly Delhi. The strange (but not surreal) confluence of people, architecture, signage and activity that one finds in urban India fits easily into Ram’s viewfinder, while his compositional style savors the flattening, foreshortening and collapsing of perspectives that happens readily in the black-and-white print. Ram delights in the subtle absurdities to be found in these juxtapositions, exploiting the opportunity to discover something about what might make Indians tick. Raised and still based in New Delhi, India’s capital and political engine, Ram has a special interest in the symbols of politics as they enter popular culture, the highly visual markers of both parties and players that get mixed into the cacophony of the streets, revealing playful readings of the public Indian psyche. Text by Peter Nagy from

Photographs – Ram Rahman

Publisher: Bodhi Art

200 pages

Year 2008

ISBN: 9788190437622, 8190437623

About The Photographer

Ram Rahman is an Indian photographer, curator and social activist. His photographs capture the neglected sections of the Indian society. His keen eye for details combines with his deep rooted social awareness to create lasting images of intense humanism. His work in graphic design and architecture photography are also noteworthy. He is known for his involvement in Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust (SAHMAT) organization that strives against communal and sectarian powers.





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