Catalogue: Pageants of the Raj: The Workforce – Devangana Kumar

Pageants of the Raj: The Workforce (Catalogue)

By Devangana Kumar

The Work Force: A self – taught artist Devangana Kumar’s work is representative of her exploration of Indian visual culture over several years. She experiments with scale, pigments, and production techniques to displace stereotypical portraits of Indians. Devangana Kumar relooks at the colonial images steeped in biases and stereotypes. In stark contrast though, her work — ‘Pageants of the Raj: The Work Force’ is aimed at rendering an identity to thousands of anonymous people who worked in the homes and offices of the colonial rulers. Text courtesy : The Hindu

Author: Devangana Kumar

Edited By Alka Pande

About The Author:

Devangana Kumar studied at the Modern School, New Delhi and went to Australia for further studies. She currently resides in New Delhi and is engaged in the discourse of colonial hierarchy and aesthetics. Devangana’s personal history and her studies in Australia fuelled her interests in questions of caste – identity, slavery and racism. She has had three solo shows titled ‘Pageants of the Raj; the Workforce at Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.





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