Book: Between Me and I – Swapan Parekh

Between Me and I

By Swapan Parekh

‘Between Me and I’ is about Swapan Parekh’s journey as a photographer and about objects and ordinary people that have intersected his life, making it extraordinary. His images are not about the moment, but depict work in progress. Almost every picture is connected to another by his set alphabet, his visual language. These photos are taken impromptu, a reflex action taking everything at one go, instinctively grabbing patterns, symbols, choreography, relationships and presented as a complete whole.

Photogrpahs: Swapan Parekh

Publisher: PHOTOINK; First edition (2008)

35 pages

Year 2008

ISBN-10: 8190391151


About the Photographer

Swapan Parekh studied photojournalism and documentary photography at the International Centre of Photography, New York. After early years of practicing documentary photography, over the last 2 decades he is widely acclaimed to have brought in the documentary aesthetic to Indian advertising photography. Concurrently, throughout his career, Parekh has been pursuing personal photography, both in Colour and Black & White. His works have been exhibited globally at leading museums like the FOAM, Tate Modern, Aperture, etc., besides being featured in magazines like, Time, Life, American Photo, The London Independent, Der Speigel, El Pais, etc. Besides being the recipient of the World Press Photo Award in 1994, he has also been on their jury thrice (2004, 2005, & 2008). He was awarded ‘The Advertising Photographer of the Year’ from the Commercial Artists’ Guild in the year 2000.






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