Book: Witness- Various Photographers


By Various Photographers

Edited by Sanjay Kak

Comprising 200 images by nine photographers over three decades, the book is also an object. A thin thread wraps itself around the book, compelling the reader to untie it and reveal the heaviness of the title and the weight of its consequence. By design, the inner spine reveals the colour palette of pages that bear blood and tears, much like Kashmir’s landscape. This kind of intuitive book-making gives the photographs a life beyond what visuals of conflict would find in a newspaper or a magazine.Though arranged chronologically by the photographers’ ages, the images in Witness steer clear of a historical timeline of Kashmir’s conflict. The emphasis here is on the common space where photographers, spectators and subjects are all witnesses in their own right.

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Hardcover: 440 pages

Publisher: Yaarbal Books

ISBN-10: 8193349202

ISBN-13: 978-8193349205


About The Photographers
Meraj Ud Din, Javeed Shah, Dar Yasin, Javed Dar, Showkat Nanda, Altaf Qadri, Syed Shahriyar, Sumit Dayal and Azaan Shah are Kashmir based Photographers.





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